My name is Johnny Galaxy.
I’m 53 years old.
I live in Norfolk. The UK version.
Married, two kids, two dogs and a cat. All top bleedin’ notch.

In 1982 I purchased my first guitar after receiving a grant to study at Portsmouth Polytechnic.
A blonde Strat copy, Jimmy Hendrix stylee, nice. Excellent action; the frets had been ground. It’s still mine.

I started off in a local band called ‘The Lemon Men’
Our highlight was performing in front of 300+ at the West Lynn Community Centre.
Our style could be best described as ‘Punk Shadows’ ahead of our time. (still far far ahead)

Very recently I put some music software on a laptop and once again I was off.
I love writing eclectic electro. Steampunk electro #STUNKO.

I use the Reaper DAW. My current fave VSTs; Xfer Records Serum and Massive.

Signed to Pink Dolphin Music Ltd, my debut album “Are you still watching?” will be released shortly..

Influences include the one and only Gary Numan. OMD, Slade, Mike Oldfield,
The Human League, John Foxx,
Leftfield, The Orb, Orbital, Paul Hartnoll, Aphex Twin, The Field, Fukkk Offf,
Fujiya & Miyagi, Vitalic and Ulrich Schnauss to name but a few.

I am followed by Siri on Twitter..